At Huxley & Mansfield our mission is to breathe fresh life into classic designs, whilst substantially enhancing the package. We want to set your pulse racing with a bespoke recreation individually tailored to your own specification for road, track or stage, to bring classic motoring  without the hassle of classic car ownership. We build cars that you can drive as you want to, when you want to. 

Born from ingrained passion.

Tim’s passion for cars started early with the enforcement of a driving ban at 7 years old. Leaving behind his single digit misdemeanours he took a part time job at a local Renault dealership in his early teens which allowed him to get his fix of car related substance, this reflected in a 28 year career in the Motor Industry managing Prestige dealerships and exceeding customer expectations. His day job not fulfilling enough ‘Petrol related’ content, at weekends he could be found taking part in the odd Tarmac rally or competing in a Sprint.

James is the brainchild of our mission and comes from a family of proper motor enthusiasts. Successfully managing and expanding a business has given him the eye for our vision, plus he is a firm believer in ‘driving a car rather than just looking at it’. He has taken his own rare cars onto a racetrack and driven them on the door handles (and roof!). Competing in a number of different race series and owning some lovely cars has given him an eye for detail and a knowledge of ‘what works’ when it comes to driving enjoyment and quality.